If you are currently seeking geoscience employment and would like to publicly post your contact information and a resume, please send your name, title, phone and resume in pdf format to Webadmin@tulsageology.org



 Name Title Phone

Alexander Ahmadian Geology Graduate Student 918-406-8435 Resume Download

Anna M Becerril Staff Geotechnical Analyst 405-388-1703 Resume Download

Bianca Lee Geo/Engineering Tech 918-695-2252 Resume Download

Chris Armistead 13-year Petroleum Geologist Looking for New Opportunities 918-859-1310 Resume Download

Ivonne Carrera Geologist/Eng-Geotechnician 918-607-6783 Resume Download

Jake Eastes Geologist 785-410-3310 Resume Download

Jamie Woolsey Consulting Geologist, PQ Geoconsulting, LLC. 479.650.5067 Resume Download

Jill Klein Technical Systems Manager, Sr. Geotech, Office Manager 903-930-7075 Resume Download

Jordan T. Ray Geoscientist 214-701-8413 Resume Download

Kristin Arndt M.S. Petroleum Geology grad seeking employment 405- 401-4981 Resume Download

Larry C. Luton Geophysicist (713) 806-8507 Resume Download

Luelseged Emishaw Seeking Internship 469-321-2948 Resume Download

Michael F. McGowan McGowan Geological Consulting, LLC 918-527-8627 Resume Download

Mindi J. Parsell Geologist 620-386-4295 Resume Download

Nicklos Marti Geology M.S. Candidate 720-988-7812 Resume Download

Rachel Barker Geologist 660-868-0939 Resume Download

Stephanie Cobbe Wellsite Geologist-Mudlogger II 918-240-0694 Resume Download

Steven W. Terlecki Certified Petroleum Geologist 303-794-1318 Resume Download

Tim Brandon Tim Brandon Geological Consulting LLC 918-629-0260 Resume Download 

Tony Rongey Geoscience Software Support 918-619-7861 Resume Download