First and Free! AAPG’s First Hackathon, Plus U-Pitch at URTeC


First and Free! AAPG’s First Hackathon, Plus U-Pitch at URTeC


July 19:  Don’t miss AAPG's first Hackathon at the Marathon Energy Conference Center in Houston. Entitled “Domain Meets Deep Neural Networks,” the Hackathon will feature real data sets, a free programming environment, a framework for developing Python coding, and a team of trainers and guides, thanks to a partnership between Halliburton and AAPG. Teams will compete against each other to accurately predict flow from a reservoir, and they will hack Python code and generate artificial intelligence (DNN) to do so.  The Hackathon is free (you may need to bring money for snacks, lunch, and parking) but available seats are limited. We are filling up quickly!  If you’d like to guarantee slots for your employees, please consider sponsoring a break, coffee, or box lunches for the event. You will be recognized for your contribution. If you’d like to donate prizes, contact us as well. Contact: Susan Nash, Ph.D.


July 23-25: Don’t miss AAPG’s first U-Pitch which will take place in Houston at URTeC.  U-Pitch is designed to help you commercialize your product, secure additional funding (if that is your goal), develop productive partners and expand markets. Presenters have 20 minutes to present their products and services “live” at the Innovation Pavilion at the URTeC Exhibit Hall. Their videos and Powerpoints will be uploaded to the cloud and accessed through the U-Pitch website and the URTeC app.  Need $100,000 or $100 million? Are you a start-up? Or, are you ready to scale up? U-Pitch is for you. Register now! Only a few slots are still available.


For more information, please visit the website. Questions? Contact Susan Nash at


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