From Workshop to Start-Up: Upcoming AAPG GTWs Plus Pitchapalooza Power Up your Future


For the first time, we're combining training with business opportunities. Get the tools you need to start a business (or improve your existing processes) using analytics, deep learning, drones, and sensors.

Later, as your plans grow into a business start-up, participate in AAPG's Pitchapalooza program and let us connect you to funding sources.

Big Data & Deep Learning in the Oil Industry: Basics and Applications / Houston -- May 22

Drones and UAVs: Solving Problems, Finding Resources / Houston -- May 23-24

We're evolving at AAPG and we want to be known as the "go to" place for opportunities. :)

Want to know more about AAPG's Pitchapalooza? Click here to read about the event AAPG held at their annual convention, the program is ongoing, and they are accepting new pitches now! (Note: Prices Will Differ from the Convention Prices)